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A Rare E Gomme Rotadiner metamorphic coffee or dining table availaible for restoration. There are various pieces of veneer missing and the mechanism is not working.

E Gomme Rotadiner table for restoration

  • In 1953, Donald Gomme, the designer at E. Gomme, decided to produce a range of modern furniture for the entire house which could be bought piece by piece. The furniture was largely advertised in magazines to directly reach the public. All of the furniture was marked with the distinctive brand mark - G-Plan. The G-Plan name was coined by Doris Gundry – from the Gomme Plan, a new plan for living. The G-Plan range appeared just at the right time –  consumers wanted a change from the limited choice of the utility furniture of the Second World War and wanted something fresher than the dark brown, chunky furniture of earlier decades. G-Plan’s light oak furniture was stylish, attractive, adventurous and had a contemporary feel. their advertising was incredibly effective, G-Plan pioneered the display of furniture in complete room settings with accessories. they were a huge success and saw many other manufactureres being influenced by their designs and apporach. G-Plan changed radically over the decades and is still sought after today. 

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