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VB Wilkins (dates unknown)

Victor Bramwell (V.B.) Wilkins is a British furniture designer best known for his Fresco rangefor furniture company, G-Plan.


Although all of Wilkins known works were produced by G-Plan, there is little biographical information available on him. However, it can be assumed that he worked as an in-house designer for the British manufacturer for many years.

By the early 1960s, British furniture manufacturer G-Plan had set the standard for Modernist, mass-market furniture in postwar Britain. In order to compete with imported Scandinavian furniture, G-Plan hired Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen, who created a number of designs for the company. It is apparent that Wilkins was highly influenced by Kofod-Larsen’s designs as Wilkin’s pieces are often wrongly attributed to him. Both designers aimed to create ergonomic and beautiful design, focusing on the form of the furniture using curvature, space and proportion.

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