Robert Welch - 1930-2000

Robert Welch was a pioneering designer whose pieces define the British “contemporary” style. His stainless-steel candlesticks, alarm clocks, cutlery knife sharpener are just some products of his that are cult objects of the 1950s and early 1960s. Born in Hereford in 1930, Welch was very much a country man, he loved English village architecture, pubs, cricket and overall rural town life. His mother was a painter so growing up he had a creative role model. Welch pursued his interest in drawing, painting and silversmithing by enrolling at the Malvern School of Art and then onto the Birmingham College of Art where he met his wife, Patricia Hinksman. Drawing was always important to Welch and, in his final years before his death in 2000, he would return to filling canvases with bright colour and bold shapes. 

'Early on I was inspired by architecture... but lately my sources of inspiration have been painters and sculptors, Brancusi and Giacometti for example..'