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Sandstone wall candle from the "EJ64" series, also known as "Blue Serie", designed by Einar Johansen in 1964 for Soholm Stentoj in Bornholm, Denmark.


 This candlestick, like every piece in the series, is adorned with a series of small triangles and covered with a bright blue glaze with metallic reflections, designed by Svend Aage Jensen.


 This glaze varies from darkest blue to lightest, with an underlying caramel colour. The back of this piece is covered with a matte black finish, slightly grainy, contrasting with the shiny glaze on the other side. This piece, which is in perfect condition, bears under the base the number "3351" and the brand "Soholm Stentoj Bornholm Denmark"

Soholm Stentoj Bornholm Wall candle sconce

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