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This high-fashion mannequin displays glasses, scarves or hats. The mannequin (TR1) was designed by Christian Dior and produced by the Gemini Company. They made two more in the Trilby – TR2 and TR3, all at different sizes and all posed with gloves. This is quite a large bust and signed Christian Dior. In good condition, with some small paint chips due to age. We can have this piece fully restored by an expert from the V&A for an additional cost if requested - please enquire.

Christian Dior, 1950s Gloved Mannequin Head

  • Christian Dior was one of the most important fashion designers of the 20th century whose brand remains as popular and influential today. He began his career running an Art gallery in Paris but soon took to a career in fashion houses, before starting his own in 1947. His initial collection, the “New Look” revolutionised the shape of women’s clothing, an exaggerated and elegant hourglass. Dying at the age of only 52, his career was short but incredibly successful while he lived. In a few short years his brand became recognised globally and was sought after by the stars and royals of the world. Succeeded by assistant Yves Saint Laurent, the brand has continued its success to this day. 

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